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Creative Casting work with film and television companies to find Supporting Artists to appear in their many productions.

An SA (Supporting Artist) is a background actor, often refered to by the public as an ‘extra’ and used to fill out scenes in television programmes and films. The parts can be anything from people at a wedding to crowds at a football game or even a part in a battle scene.

This variety means that we need SA’s of all shapes, sizes, age and ethnicity. Babies, policemen, medical staff, barmen, vicars and bag-ladies...... we can get the strangest requests!

Generally, SA’s are non-speaking but you may, on occasion, be given a line or an action by the director and this can mean an increased fee.

Productions approach Creative with their requirements; these can be large numbers for a big scene or one or two SA’s for a specific scene. We will then match you to castings which are suitable. As your agent, we will manage your booking from putting a contract in place, notifying you of where and when to arrive on set and processing your payment for the work you undertake.

Often you will appear in your own clothes but if you are required to wear costume then this will be provided by the Costume Department.

There are a variety of additional requests that can be asked of an SA, some of which include costume fittings, haircuts & wig fittings, stand-ins or using your own special skills. All of these will incur an additional fee.

For more information on what is expected of an SA on set and importantly, how you will be expected to behave please see our Code of Conduct.

If you would like to register please follow the links on this site or attend an open Casting Day where you can meet and talk to the Creative Casting team.

Call now 029 2010 7628
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